Fresh Christmas Tree - Nordmann Fir

Order Books Are Now Closed For Tree Deliveries On The Following Dates:

26 November 2020

27 November 2020

28 November 2020

1 December 2020

2 December 2020

3 December 2020

4 December 2020

5 December 2020

8 December 2020

Please Do Not Order for any of the above dates from 18 November as you will be contacted to transfer your date. Thank You

Our Nordmann fir is the perfect tree for the family home this Christmas. We hand pick every tree from a farm in Kent to ensure only the best, premium quality, trees are chosen for you. Make your life just a little easier this year and order your tree from us.  

The Nordmann Fir is the best tree you can buy, it has a glossy green colour and big needles which are lovely and soft, making it very suitable for those with young children. It also hangs on to those needles for a long time, a feature which makes it the UK's top selling "non-drop" tree.

All our premium trees are available in sizes from 5' - 10'. If you are looking for a more striking taller tree for a large space please call us on 0208 858 1112 to discuss your requirements. 

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