Luxury Fragranced Candle 30cl

Our scented candles are a treat for the senses and make wonderful gifts to send alone or with one of our stunning bouquets. Expertly blended and hand poured using the finest ingredients. The pure cotton wicks burn cleanly providing they’re trimmed after each use.

Grapefruit and Jasmine - Exotic grapefruit and mystical jasmine are combined to produce a revitalising and relaxing blend

Lime and Black Pepper - A zesty hit of lime, mixed with the spiciness of black pepper are blended to create an up-lifting scent

Mimosa and Mandarin - The warmth of mimosa combined with the citrus sweetness of mandarin create a gorgeous summery scent.

Dark Amber - A warm and rich oriental blend with a hint of spiciness

Each 30cl candle is frosted white glass, and boxed.

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